Four Reasons You Should Seek Out a Professional Truck Service in Wytheville, VA Needed Repairs

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From flat tires to overheated engines, there are all sorts of problems a commercial vehicle can run into when out on the road. Any of these issues can leave your work on the sidelines until repairs are made. So, if you drive a semi truck or a heavy duty work vehicle, you likely understand just how important it is to not miss a scheduled vehicle maintenance service, or ignore regular care. You’re also aware that some problems and repairs are more complex—they are unsafe for you to do yourself and should be left to a pro.

In short, take preventative measures to completely avoid or at least reduce your chances of encountering mechanical problems, and when in doubt, hire an expert. Now, let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should seek out a professional truck service in Wytheville, VA for any necessary truck and trailer repair:

  • They have training and experience: Whether you drive a semi truck for a living or manage a fleet of commercial work vehicles, the maintenance needs are the same. Every inch of the vehicle—from the cab and trailer to the tires and internal parts—must be kept in good working order; otherwise, you risk costly repair bills and losing business because you can’t deliver cargo or complete a service. Hire a trained and experienced truck service to avoid this! They own the right tools and equipment to perform thorough mechanical inspections, engine and fluid checks, electrical testing, tire inspections and much more.
  • They will provide fast and efficient service: Since you work around large commercial trucks, you may have some automotive knowledge already, which means you can probably do smaller maintenance tasks, like checking tire pressure and changing the oil. However, if you aren’t a certified mechanic, then you should leave bigger tasks to a professional, including engine trouble, alignment issues, electrical failures and unidentifiable noises. Additionally, a pro can diagnose the problem and get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.
  • They are knowledgeable: Always seek a qualified repair shop to work on your commercial trucks. This ensures that your vehicles are in the hands of technicians who are up to date on automotive repair guidelines, as well as safety rules and regulations.
  • They offer mobile repair services: Roadside assistance and mobile truck repair are huge time savers for many truck drivers. Many professional truck services are aware of the need, and therefore offer roadside assistance help, ranging from tire services to lockout and jumpstart services. Some also have heavy towing equipment to provide 24-hour wrecker service to tow your semi, fleet vehicle or other heavy truck to a repair shop.

Auto mechanics and technicians are in a business about which most of us have very little hands-on knowledge. They are trained, certified and are always learning so they can provide top-notch truck service in Wytheville, VA. Whether you need truck or trailer repairs, a tow or roadside assistance, you can rest assured the professional team at Complete Truck Service Inc. will be there to help. Contact us to schedule a service anytime!

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