A Truck Repair Shop in Wytheville, VA Shares Summer Safety Tips for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

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Whether you’re a long-haul truck driver or providing services around town, the main goal of your job is to deliver your cargo on time and intact. But, in order to do this, your rig must be in good condition inside and outside, free of damage that can lead to major problems and costly repairs.

Your health is also important—if you are not in good health, then you may not be able to work efficiently, or at all. Of all the seasons, summer is the one that can put both your health and truck at the greatest risk. Your local truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA wants you to be safe on the road this summer! Here are some helpful summer safety tips (and reminders) for semi truck drivers:

  • Protect yourself against the sun: Although you’re inside a truck cab, the hot summer sun and harmful ultraviolet light can still get in. For long distance truck drivers, sun damage will accumulate quickly. Wear long sleeves and pants, gloves, a brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses, and consider installing window tint to protect your skin and eyes from the sun.
  • Get enough rest: The combination of the heat coming through the window glass, the cold AC and having been driving for hours would make anyone drowsy or sleepy. Make sure you get plenty of sleep before a long trip, and stop for naps along the way.
  • Stay hydrated: Heatstroke, passing out and dizziness can all be caused by the summer heat—especially if you don’t stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout your trip, and pack a cooler of water bottles for extra long drives. Along with water, eat a lot of hydrating fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers, celery, watermelon, grapes and strawberries. You’ll get your water and your snacks at the same time!
  • Test the air conditioner: If your truck’s air conditioner is going to stop working, summer is the time when it’ll happen. Since this is the case, run your AC for a few minutes prior to your departure to test its efficiency. Don’t forget to check the trailer cooling system, too, or you could end up losing perishable cargo to the summer heat.
  • Check tires: Whether you’re driving a commercial vehicle with four tires or a semi truck with 18-plus, it’s good vigilance to inspect them all for damage, wear and correct air pressure. Warmer weather causes tires to expand, so regularly check the pressure when you’re on the road this summer.
  • Get a pre-trip inspection: Pre-trip safety inspections are just as important as regular checkups. Your mechanic will check your truck top to bottom, the interior parts and exterior parts for signs of any problems. It’s better to find issues now rather than when you’re on the freeway.

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