How to Tell if Your Truck Is Developing Brake Issues

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When you’re putting thousands of miles on your semi truck each month, things are bound to go wrong eventually. Even the most well maintained truck is going to give in to extreme wear and tear, leaving drivers with the arduous task of getting repairs quickly. When things fall apart out on the road and work is being performed by a wide range of truck repair shops in Wytheville, VA and across the U.S., things can get a little dicey.

The best thing you can do for your truck is to try and get as much consistency as possible when it comes to repairs. This means going to the same shop where you know you’re going to get reliable service. And, to ensure you’re staying on top of repairs, it’s prudent to pay attention to what your truck is trying to tell you at any given time.

Paying attention to your brakes

Let’s take brakes, for example. Your brakes are among the most important systems for your truck and something you’ll be using a lot out on the road.

If you’re hauling a trailer in tow, it means you’ve got 10 sets of brakes to consider at any given time—six on your truck and four from the trailer. There’s not much that can be done about trailer brakes if you’re constantly swapping out cargo, so we’ll just focus on your truck’s brakes. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can contribute to brake wear:

  • First, the life of your brakes will depend on your driving style and location. If you’re driving through flatlands in the country, your brakes might last for as long as you own your truck! On the other hand, if you’re constantly hauling through cities, you might go through brakes in a fraction of the time.
  • Second, how you’re braking makes a big difference on how long your brakes are going to last. Timing lights in the city and not having to slam on or ride your brakes is going to do more to promote longevity, for example. If you’re constantly riding your brakes around sharp bends and curves, expect them to deteriorate quicker.
  • Finally, are you using trolley brakes, engine braking or tractor brakes to slow down? How you brake is going to dictate how fast your equipment will wear. Hitting the Jake brake can save you some wear on your foot brakes, for example.

Knowing your driving style and what kind of abuse your brakes are taking means being able to better anticipate when they’re going to need service.

Pay attention to the signs

If you’re losing stopping power, hear grinding or squealing when you brake or notice that you’re experiencing slippage when you brake, the time for replacement has come. Visit your local truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA for service and know you’re getting consistent workmanship from a reliable shop.

Your brakes could last up to 500,000 miles or more depending on your driving style, but why push them when you could pay attention to their condition and get them replaced before they fail? If you suspect they’re wearing thin, ask your regular service provider to inspect them before your next trip.

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