Beware Summer Weather Systems if You’re a Long-Haul Trucker

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The life of a trucker can be a perilous one—especially where the weather is concerned. During the winter the roads are covered in ice, with whiteout snowstorm conditions possible and the threat of other drivers ever looming. Summer weather issues aren’t without their own concerns, either. Not anticipating the dramatic weather anomalies that the summer season has to offer could have you calling for 24 hour wrecker service in Wytheville, VA!

What does a long-haul driver face from June to August that makes their job so dangerous? Take a look at what Mother Nature is capable of and why every trucker should be on guard:

  • Severe thunderstorms: If you’re (un)fortunate enough to be at the forefront of a squall line while you’re on the road, get ready for some seriously bad weather. Extreme downpours, high winds and even hail can all occur suddenly when two fronts meet. For truckers, the best thing to do is slow down, drive with extreme alertness or, if possible, get off the road and rest until the storm passes.
  • High winds and gusting: Even if you’re toting a full load of cargo behind you in your trailer, a good 50 to 60mph gust is all it takes to throw your semi truck on its side. If you’re traversing peaks, unimpeded winds can quickly ramp up. Don’t wait for them to blow your trailer over! Instead, take a valley road and avoid the dangerous gusts of summer.
  • Tornadoes: When high winds and heavy gusts turn into funnel clouds, it means danger for anyone in the area. Truckers especially know the extreme danger a tornado can bring. Keep your distance and travel in the opposite or parallel direction from a tornado, always keeping watch of it to ensure you’re at a safe distance. If it comes near, follow proper procedure and take cover away from your truck.
  • Downpours and hail: Precipitation can make seeing the road in front of you nearly impossible, even for the most experienced trucker. Unless you want to risk an accident and sit in the rain waiting for a 24 hour wrecker service in Wytheville, VA, the smart thing is to lower your speed, kick up the wipers and drive diligently. If you can, pull over and wait for the worst of it to pass.
  • Blinding sunlight: That’s right, even good weather can be bad for a trucker! When the sun rises or sets, it can sit at a height that makes it nearly impossible for you to see the road ahead of you. Couple this with the glare from other vehicles and you’re in for a troublesome driving experience. Put those sunglasses on, use a visor to the best of your abilities and try to stay focused on areas with low-intensity sunlight.

Weather can be hard to predict and avoid, which means you need to be at the ready for when it does strike. Stay safe this summer season by relying on good driving habits, situational awareness and smart decision making. And, if you do get into a jam, have Complete Truck Service Inc. on speed dial to help you get back on the road quickly.

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