Five Tips from a Truck Repair Shop in Wytheville, VA on How to Avoid a DOT Roadside Inspection

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You’re cruising along, making great time this run and thinking you may get home sooner than expected this week when it happens: you get pulled over for a DOT roadside inspection.

Roadside inspections are one of the necessary evils of the trucking industry. Sometimes you may be given the go-ahead to move along after just a few minutes, but other times they may keep you for over an hour. Although roadside inspections are sometimes completely random and a DOT inspector usually has a quota to meet, there are a few things you can do to help avoid being selected for a DOT inspection, or at least make your inspection go more smoothly.

Avoid violations

Want to avoid an inspection? Don’t break the law. A small violation, like speeding or not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, can lead to a full inspection. In fact, lost money from the delay due to the inspection (or violations found due to the inspection) will most likely cost you more than the initial violation. Safe drivers that obey the rules of the road are less likely to get inspected.

Keep your rig in good repair

Observable defects are usually a red flag to DOT inspectors that will get you pulled over. Things you may not have noticed, like leaking fluid or a light that is out, are things DOT inspectors specifically look for. Keep your truck in good repair and perform regular maintenance checks of your own to spot potential problems. If you are in need of a repair, you can always stop in at our truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA.

Keep your cabin clean

DOT inspectors say that a cabin in complete disarray is usually an indicator to them that you’re not taking proper care of your truck. When they see a dirty cabin, they feel they are more likely to find something else wrong and will take their time with the inspection. By keeping your cabin clean and organized, you might just get through your inspection faster.

Check your attitude

A roadside inspection can be annoying, especially if you feel unjustly singled out. Just remember that, while a poor attitude or arguing isn’t going to get you out of the inspection, a good attitude could help get you back on the road faster.

Do your own annual inspection

Whether you’re a contract driver or own your own trucking company, doing your own annual inspection is another smart way to avoid a roadside inspection. At our truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA, we offer several standard performance checks.

You may not be able to avoid a random roadside inspection, but following these few tips may help you avoid one or make yours go more smoothly. For more helpful information or to schedule a performance check, give Complete Truck Service Inc. a call today. We have been assisting truck drivers in the area since 1983, and are well equipped to provide a complete range of repair and maintenance services for your truck.

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