Get Ready for Warmer Weather: Signs You Need to Visit a Diesel Shop in Wytheville, VA for AC Repairs

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There are times during the cooler months that may have you reaching for the air conditioner button in your big rig. For example, the sun could be on you for an entire eight-hour trip, or the cab gets stuffy. But whether you use your truck’s AC throughout the year or only kick it on in spring and summer, you will want to make sure to give it a test run ahead of the warmer weather’s arrival. Why? Because if you end up needing repairs or new fluid added, it’s best to do it before you need to use it. Moreover, it’s just a good idea to make sure the AC system is in good working order.

Forget to have your AC checked now, and you could find yourself left out in the heat! So, let’s review some of the top signs you might need to visit a diesel shop in Wytheville, VA for air conditioner repairs before the warmer weather gets here.

It doesn’t cool your cab

The first thing you want to check is whether the air conditioner is actually cooling down your cab. If you are using the cooler often, then you might not notice a problem with the temperature until it gives out one day. Subtle changes are easy to miss, so plan on doing your own basic test to find out if the air is warmer than usual. Start by parking your truck. Leave the engine on and run the AC for a few minutes on high. If the air does not get cold, you should schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

There’s little to no airflow

While a lack of airflow tends to present itself after a lot of use, it can also be a problem after having sat around unused for a long time. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for diesel truck drivers to notice AC issues come spring or summer when they want the cold air turned on. Low airflow can be caused by any number of things, including low refrigerant levels, and is a possible sign that a professional should inspect the unit. Hopefully, you can get repairs made before the outdoor temperatures rise.

You hear unusual noises

Strange and unusual sounds coming from your truck’s air conditioning system are its way of telling you something is wrong. Since winter is ending and you will want to use your cooler soon, make time to park and listen for any noises that do not sound right or that you’ve never heard before. There are many working parts beyond the air vents, which means that if a certain sound is not related to the AC, it could point to problems with the engine or any other working part.

Testing your big rig’s air conditioning unit is an important part of preventative maintenance—get it tested now to stay cool later!

If your diesel truck needs AC maintenance or repairs, look no further than the knowledgeable and friendly mechanics at Complete Truck Service Inc. We are your go-to diesel shop in Wytheville, VA for all your diesel needs. Come see us today to have a safe, cool summer!

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