Will Your Next Truck Service in Wytheville, VA Include Radiator Replacement?

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Radiators are essential for large trucks, and their failure is a common cause of roadside breakdowns. This is especially true in the summer when hot temperatures make overheating more likely, and in those times, you need a working radiator. However, do not discount the possibility just because it is winter. Your truck can still overheat even in cooler temperatures. Here are six signs that your next truck service in Wytheville, VA may also include a new radiator:

  • Radiator rust: By the time you see rust in your radiator, any leaks have been occurring for a while. This is a big sign of wear and tear and an indication of imminent failure. Rusted radiators are past their prime, and even if they are not leaking, you still need to replace them. Eventually, there will be more coolant on the road than in your radiator.
  • Low coolant levels: A low coolant level indicates a slow leak or a radiator that needs more coolant to function. Not all leaks will produce noticeable puddles, so it is possible to experience a leak without realizing it unless you check the coolant level. Your hose system could also be leaking, and often tightening their connections is enough. If you are having to top off coolant frequently, be prepared to replace your radiator, hoses, connections or possibly all the above.
  • Obvious leaks: When you see coolant puddles, it is a bad sign, but also an obvious one where you at least know what to do next. The leaked fluid can eventually corrode other engine components, so you need to address this quickly.
  • Low pressure: Radiators must maintain a constant pressure to operate, and the required PSI depends on your truck specifications. The pressure allows the radiator to hold coolant so it can reduce temperature and pump coolant into the engine. When pressure drops, it shows this process is failing, and eventually, you will have an overheated engine and a roadside breakdown. This is an early sign of radiator malfunction, and catching it early prevents future inconvenience.
  • Constant overheating: Instances of engine overheating should never be treated like a routine developmentā€”even during hot summers. If it occurs when temperatures are low or average, you have an issue that needs the attention of a skilled mechanic. Since many incidents happen in the stop-and-go of slow traffic and other less appealing situations, you want to make addressing this a priority.
  • Lack of preventative maintenance: If you know you have been skipping preventative maintenance, you are asking for trouble. You can prevent radiator failure by replacing coolant and checking hoses for good condition. Bent hoses or clogs also lead to radiators wearing out quicker. All of these conditions can be discovered during service appointments. Discuss radiator care with your mechanic so you can take preventative measures and assure you use the right type of coolant for your engine.

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