Stay Safe While Waiting for Truck Road Service in Wytheville, VA

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Suffering a breakdown and needing truck road service in Wytheville, VA threatens more than your delivery schedules. Waiting at the side of a road, especially a busy highway, is also dangerous to you. There is always the possibility of getting hit with flying debris or by another driver. Here are five tips to stay safe as you wait for us to arrive:

  • Find a safe spot: Your truck is more visible than your commuter back home, but that does not mean you can park just anywhere. You still need to be seen if you want to avoid a collision on top of all your other problems. The minute your engine starts sputtering or your electronic connections stop, find the safest space possible and go towards it. Even if you cannot keep your truck completely out of the way of traffic, at least pursue visibility and put out any warning signs you keep on board.
  • Be cautious: Work trucks and semis are fussier than typical cars. Breakdowns can put you at risk for fire, and it is better to be overly cautious than risk a road disaster that affects more people than just you. Start by turning off everything in the coach but the four-way lights. Leave the truck if you suspect a fire, and check for any fluid leaks that could demand intervention from hazardous waste experts. When you call your service provider for towing and repair services, alert them to possibly hazardous conditions.
  • Go with a specialist: Even if you have a good friend who tows vehicles for a living, stick with someone who specializes in your type of truck. Tow vehicles that handle semis and large commercial trucks require 125,000 GVW permits, and vehicles with less ability can pose a safety risk when assigned to your truck. There are also different procedures for towing large trucks as opposed to consumer vehicles. If in doubt, call your fleet manager for a recommendation.
  • Prepare for towing: The wait and the process of fixing or towing your truck will take time. If you suspect that you will require a tow rather than service, remove your drive shaft. Failing to do this will wreck your transmission. Put air in the coach so the leveling system works, and adjust suspension and brakes for towing. Your service provider should know these steps, but having this knowledge is helpful in these cases.
  • Know your destination before you tow: If you require a tow, know where your truck is headed. Use the time spent waiting to call your fleet manager or supervisor and find a repair facility. Get an address and instructions for dropping off your truck. If you perform these searches while riding in the tow truck, you waste time and money on extra mileage. Many times, the same service provider who tows your truck also maintains a repair facility, which offers additional convenience.

Complete Truck Service Inc. offers 24-hour truck road service in Wytheville, VA and the surrounding area. Keep our phone number handy on your delivery routes so you can call when you need help!

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