Most Common Problems Leading to Winter Repairs from a Truck Service in Wytheville, VA

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We are now truly in the thick of winter. The winter months are difficult in many ways, especially when it comes to auto maintenance. Cold weather brings an entirely new set of issues to consider with your vehicle.

Here are a few of the most common problems leading to a need for winter repairs from a truck service in Wytheville, VA, and how you can respond to or prevent those problems:

  • Dead car battery: During frigid temperatures, vehicle batteries are under a much greater strain in terms of the energy they need to provide just to make normal driving activities possible. Therefore, dead batteries in vehicles are far more common during the winter. You might simply need a jumpstart, or you might have to replace the battery altogether, depending on the situation. Some good precautions to take include regularly checking the life of your battery and replacing it within a timely manner. Keep jumper cables in your vehicle, especially when going out on long trips with your truck, and insulate them with special wraps so they do not wear down quickly. Also check your battery cables to see if they have any substances on them that could cause them to corrode over time, depleting the energy of your battery.
  • Truck won’t start: Sometimes in cold weather it can be difficult to get your vehicle to start up, especially if it is left outside overnight. Do not hold the key in the ignition for more than 20 seconds if you are having problems getting the truck to start, and do not continuously crank the key. Instead, make sure any accessories that might have caused battery strain are turned off. If this doesn’t help, you might need a jumpstart. To prevent this type of issue from occurring, make sure you check your ignition before the winter months to ensure it is in good condition. Turn off any accessories before you turn off your vehicle, and consider investing in block heaters to keep your engine and oil warm overnight when the vehicle isn’t in use. This will help it to start up more easily in the morning.
  • Tire problems: A good percentage of truck accidents are related to tire problems, especially during the winter months. The combination of slippery conditions and potentially poor tire condition could be dangerous. You should always make sure your tires are properly inflated, have the proper level of tread and do not have any bald spots or signs of wear. Depending on the type of truck you own, you might be able to install a special set of winter tires to make driving during the cold weather and wintery conditions easier.

For more information about some of the most common repairs made by our truck service in Wytheville, VA during the winter months, we encourage you to reach out to us today at Complete Truck Service, Inc. Our team is standing by ready to answer any questions you have for us, and look forward to serving you soon.

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