Signs to Watch for to Avoid Costly Truck Tire Repair in Wytheville, VA

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As the driver of a semi truck, you are well aware that just because you have more than a dozen tires on your truck doesn’t mean driving is automatically safer. In fact, being concerned about your truck tires is not unreasonable—especially since a blowout due to weakened or damaged tires can cause a serious traffic accident. This puts not only you at risk, but others around you, as well. But although you may know to replace tires when they get old, it can be difficult to pinpoint other times when you should buy new tires.

To ensure you don’t inadvertently ignore the red flags, here are a few signs to watch for to help you avoid costly truck tire repair in Wytheville, VA.

Check for obvious damage

Periodic mechanical checks offer a way to ensure that your truck is in prime operating condition to get you from point A to point B safely. It doesn’t do anyone any good for you to end up broken down on the side of the road. But what about the condition of other parts of your truck, aside from mechanical components? Of course, it’s the engine system that powers your rig, yet you need a good set of tires to pull it along. Therefore, it’s also a great idea to get into the habit of doing simple daily truck tire checks; a quick look-over should suffice.

Look at the tire sidewalls for minute or deep cracks, and then scan each tire’s tread for any signs of damage. A tire may have nasty gouges and holes; dry rot is another thing to look out for. But other less frequently expected damage includes faded spots and budging tire material.

Low tread

Checking tire tread for signs of damage is not just for long haul truck drivers. Every trucker should get in the habit of performing tread checks on a regular basis to keep from experiencing tire shred while driving, which can lead to tire blowouts. Also, as tires begin to lose tread, traction on the roads starts to diminish, and losing control of your rig and skidding out on turns becomes more likely. An easy way to inspect tread depth is to put a penny in the tread. If most of the coin is showing, then your tread is too low.

You know you ran something over

Many times, a big rig is so heavy that it may run over an object or damaged section of the road without you feeling a thing. In the cases where you are sure you hit something at a high speed—like an animal, large rock, pothole or hazardous debris, including hunks of sharp metal and wire—pull over to a safe spot to inspect the tires for damage. Continuing on your trip with a flat or with metal impaling a tire can pose a danger to everyone around you.

When you need truck tire repair in Wytheville, VA due to a blowout or bad rim damage, make sure you contact the folks at Complete Truck Service Inc. for assistance. We’re here to help!

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