Five Ways Our 24 Hour Wrecker Service in Wytheville, VA Can Help You This Winter

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You never know when tragedy might strike while you’re out on the road. If you’ve ever been involved in a truck calamity, you know how stressful it can be to find a wrecker service that can help get you and your vehicle out of that sticky situation. Many companies aren’t open when you need them the most. Fortunately, we run one of the only companies around that offers 24 hour wrecker service in Wytheville, VA to help you with the following variety of common truck problems:

  • Tow your truck out of a ditch: Trucks sliding off into ditches are a common occurrence, and that problem is only multiplied in the winter. Icy road conditions and snowdrifts can make seeing and staying on the road incredibly challenging. It doesn’t matter what kind of truck you drive—hitting even a small patch of ice can send you sliding off the road and into a potentially dangerous ditch. If that happens, give us a call. We’ll send one of our tow trucks to your location as quickly as possible to get you back on the road.
  • Help you after an accident: The last thing you want to worry about is what you’re going to do with your truck after a scary accident. No matter what kind of shape your vehicle is in after a collision, our 24-hour wrecker service in Wytheville, VA can tow it away to our shop or anywhere else you’d like us to take the vehicle.
  • Tow you to our shop: Speaking of towing you to our shop, we can do that for a very low price! It doesn’t matter what kind of work your vehicle needs—our technicians can take care of it as quickly as possible. We do everything from body work to fixing transmissions. If your vehicle simply needs a new set of tires, don’t hesitate to give our wrecker service a call to get your vehicle down to our shop for some brand new “shoes” for your truck.
  • Jumpstart your truck: It seems like every time your engine needs a jumpstart, there’s nobody around to help you out. Luckily, one of our drivers is always on call to meet you wherever you are to give you a quick jumpstart if your truck battery isn’t doing its job. If the battery seems to have failed altogether, allow our wrecker service to bring your vehicle into our shop to get you set up with a brand new one.
  • Unlock your truck: Locking your keys in your truck is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a truck owner. Instead of a do-it-yourself approach to opening a locked truck door, give one of our technicians a call! We guarantee we can unlock your truck quickly without damaging the door or lock mechanism.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is, or what time of day or night it happens—give Complete Truck Service Inc. a call anytime for 24 hour wrecker service in Wytheville, VA.

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