Advice from a Truck Road Service in Wytheville, VA: Six Winter Driving Safety Tips for Truckers

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Winter can be a beautiful and enjoyable season, but between heavy snow, whipping rains and strong winds, it can also cause all sorts of problems out on the roadways. That is why people in personal daily driver cars and larger commercial vehicles alike need to take precautions on the road this winter. As a big rig truck driver, you are usually alert and in tune to what’s going on around you, but a refresher course on road safety every now and then still has its benefits.

So, to keep you, your haul and others on the road with you safe this winter, check out these helpful driving safety tips and reminders from a professional truck road service in Wytheville, VA:

  • Follow the weather: It’s important that, as a truck driver, you stay up on weather updates—especially since winter is bound to throw a few hurdles your way. You can better plan your pickups and deliveries when you know how the weather may be in your area. Because weather predictions are not always accurate, keep the radio tuned to a weather station for real-time updates.
  • Take the time to plan your trip: Bad weather can be hazardous, so plan your route based on weather and road conditions. There may also be road closures or roads too covered in snow or ice to drive over. In that case, check the road conditions before leaving, while also adding to your map alternative routes and safe areas to stop should the weather make driving difficult.
  • Perform a pre-trip inspection: Whether you do a pre-trip inspection yourself or take your truck to a mechanic, it’s crucial to check all truck equipment and mechanical functions. Make sure all the lights on the cab and trailer are working properly, and check that brake lines won’t freeze and that tire pressure is appropriate. Throughout your trip, you may need to double check everything, as well as knock snow and ice from tire flaps and other areas to prevent ice damage to your truck.
  • Be prepared with gear: Like other drivers, truck drivers should also carry an emergency roadside kit this winter. To be prepared for winter weather conditions, really consider keeping the following items and more in your truck: tire chains, bungee cords or other tie-downs, a flashlight, waterproof gloves and boots, warm clothing, extra truck fluids and road reflectors.
  • Leave space: Wintertime is notorious for creating icy roads and obscuring road obstructions with snow. To avoid damage to your rig or causing an accident, leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will hopefully give you enough room to brake, even if you have to do so suddenly.
  • Don’t rush: When road conditions change due to the weather, so should your speed. Taking it slow means having more time to react, which you need, since you’re pulling a heavy trailer. Stick to the right lanes to travel at a comfortable pace that’s under the posted speed limit.

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