Five Tips from a Truck Service in Wytheville, VA to Help Truck Drivers Stay Healthy While on the Road

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When you’re a long-haul truck driver, to perform at your best, you need to be in good health. This includes getting plenty of rest and eating healthy foods. With that in mind, here are five tips from a professional truck service in Wytheville, VA to help truck drivers stay healthy while on the road:

  • Eat nutritious, handheld meals: Being on the road for work all the time can make eating healthy a challenge, especially when fast food is convenient and plentiful. Instead, throw together daily meals at home to take with you on long trips. Whole wheat tortillas and flatbreads are fantastic bases for food wraps that are easy to hold while you’re driving. Even better, take your delicious homemade wrap and get out for a stretch and some fresh air.
  • Pack healthy snacks: Snacking is a part of being on the road, but that doesn’t mean your snacks have to be junk food. When you choose the right healthy snacks, you can adequately supply your body and brain with enough energy to make it through the day. Bust out your travel food storage containers and fill them with your favorite diced and sliced fruits, vegetables and cheese. Pack a variety of heart healthy nuts, a jar of peanut butter for dipping celery or carrots, or even some peeled hard-boiled eggs.
  • Keep a cooler and crock pot: Bring a cooler with you to properly store your homemade meals and snacks, as well as to chill any foods you pick up along the way. Keep it near you in the cab for easy access—now there’s no excuse for not being able to eat healthy while on the road! And if you desire fresh or hot meals, bring a small crock pot along with you. Hook it up in a safe spot where you can monitor simmering ingredients and then, in the morning or evening, enjoy a warm healthy meal on the go.
  • Drink plenty of water: As a truck driver, your focus needs to be on the road. And just as hydration is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, water is essential for mental clarity. Water keeps you alert and helps you avoid passing out behind the wheel from dehydration. It also fends off hunger until you reach your next scheduled stop. Unfortunately, a good portion of the time, you may not know you’re dehydrated, so it is recommended that you sip on water throughout the day. Those fruits and vegetables you packed in your cooler for snacking on are also great sources of water, and with an added satisfying crunch.
  • Take naps: Navigating any vehicle while tired —especially a big truck—is unsafe. You could unintentionally drift into an oncoming lane or veer off the road, causing deadly accidents or serious injuries to yourself or others. Sleeping is not a waste of time, so pull over for some shut-eye, be it a quick nap or a full eight hours, before continuing on to your destination.

Happy travels! And should you need truck service in Wytheville, VA, you can contact the team at Complete Truck Service Inc. anytime.

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