Five Items Truck Drivers Should Keep on Hand at All Times

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Due to the nature of their work, truck drivers spend a lot of time in their vehicles. For this reason, there are numerous items they ought to keep in their vehicles over and above those items that directly relate to their work.

Here is a list of items that truck drivers should carry with them, courtesy of a trusted truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA:

  • Cooler: As a truck driver, it is very likely that you will be on the road stopping at various locations throughout the day. Because you are so busy with work, you may not have time to stop and grab something to eat. By having a small cooler in your truck, you will always have access to food and drinks that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will also be able to save a few bucks since you won’t have to pay for fast food every day.
  • Emergency kit: Emergencies are never planned, and rarely are people properly prepared for them when they do happen. If you want to ensure you are prepared for all situations, it would be wise to put together an emergency kit that you will keep in your truck. You can have anything you want in this kit, but many people who keep emergency kits in their vehicles tend to have them packed with items like batteries, flashlights, tools and sleeping bags.
  • Money: This may seem like a silly thing to keep in your truck, but it can actually come in handy if you were to lose or misplace your wallet or credit and debit cards while working. You don’t need to keep a lot of money in your truck—just enough for you to get food or pay for a night’s stay in a hotel room. Should you lose your wallet, you’ll be happy you have this money stashed away in your truck.
  • Baby wipes: Sometimes, things can get messy. If you have ever spilled soda or juice or gotten some oil on your hands, you probably panicked a little because you didn’t have anything to clean it up with. Baby wipes are a quick and easy way for you to get cleaned up after a mess has been made. Whether you are using them to clean your hands or wipe down the inside of your truck, they will get the job done in no time.
  • Personal care items: With work often keeping you distracted, you may not have realized that you have forgotten to brush your teeth or put on deodorant. Maybe you just simply didn’t have the time when you were getting ready in the morning. If you are one of those people who tend to forget small things like these, then it might be beneficial to keep a small bag of travel-size personal care items in your truck.

It is never a bad thing to be prepared. Anything can happen at any moment, and truck drivers are not exempt from these experiences. With the above items often coming in handy, truck drivers should consider keeping them on hand in their trucks.

For more tips to help you stay safe and comfortable on the road, or to get help with your truck, get in touch with the team at Complete Truck Service Inc., your trusted truck repair shop in Wytheville, VA since 1983.

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