The Best Resources for Truck Road Service in Wytheville, VA

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If you’ve ever had any trouble with your rig while on a delivery and required service, you know how frustrating it can be. You’re stuck in one place for a long time waiting on truck road service in Wytheville, VA. While you’re waiting for assistance, you may be losing money due to missed deliveries, and may even be in danger while your truck is just sitting on the side of a busy highway.

Don’t waste any more time than you have to, there are several great resources to help you get up and running in no time after a breakdown.

NTTS Breakdown

The NTTS Breakdown directory boasts 1,200 pages of truck repair information listed by state, city, and repair service. Services listed include, tire sales and repair, truck stops with repair, towing and recovery, trailer repair, transport refrigeration, and general truck repair. The actual directory has been published since 1989, but luckily all of the information in the physical directory is available at your fingertips at

Simply input your state, nearest city, type of repair, and hit search. The easy to use website brings up all of the search results to help you find the right repair shop to get you back on the road in no time!

FleetNet America

FleetNet America promises to “Get your fleet up and running faster than anyone in America.” That’s a bold statement, but their proven service has excelled time and time again that they mean it. FleetNet will take care of your needs 24/7, 365. If you experience a breakdown on the road, call their toll free number and they’ll quickly get to work helping you solve your problem.

Their maintenance team takes care of everything for you, from diagnosing your problem, to finding the right shop for truck road service in Wytheville, VA. You, your employer, and anyone else involved with the delivery will receive real time updates via email or text messages about the status of your service.

As an added bonus, FleetNet has the ability to utilize your advanced in-cab communication system to find out if you have a problem and start working with you on figuring out a solution before you even call them to report a problem. If you don’t want to talk on the phone, you can also report your breakdown online and FleetNet will get to work processing your order ASAP.

Find Truck Service

The aptly named website helps you find the nearest truck service to you. On the homepage, you simply select the service you need (i.e. repair shops), the service type, the state you’re in, and the town you’re in and the site finds a list of all the shops near you that can help you get back on the road. Their useful smartphone app works the same way. After entering the pertinent information you’re provided with a list of nearby shops along with their addresses and phone numbers.

You don’t want to be caught with your pants down next time you experience trouble on the road. Don’t leave home without any of these highly-useful resources!

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