Smartphone Essentials for an OTR Trucker

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Driving across the country and meeting deadlines for important goods is a challenging task. Why make the journey any more difficult? Instead of relying on old maps for directions and word of mouth on your radio for traffic conditions, there are tons of free smartphone applications you can download to make your trip a whole lot easier and safer.

Free smartphone apps like CoPilot, FleetSafer, GasBuddy and Trucker Tools greatly reduce the need for truck service in Wytheville, VA.


OTR truckers know that some roads just can’t handle their rigs. Inexperienced truckers, or drivers new to an area are much more likely to get on a road that they aren’t allowed to be on for one reason or another. Axel, height, length, width or weight restrictions on roads across the country can make it difficult to get to your destination on time. Luckily, the CoPilot app was created to help you stay off restricted roads. This truck specific app lets you enter all of the dimensions of your rig and calculates the best route for your journey.


Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents these days. People using cell phones while driving are extremely likely to cause some sort of accident because they aren’t giving their full attention to the road.

As a professional trucker, you already know that you can’t take your eyes off the road for one second, especially not to text or answer a phone call. The FleetSafer app takes away your ability to use your phone once your truck is in motion by silencing all incoming calls and texts. Once you stop your rig for truck service in Wytheville, VA the app will let you make calls and texts again.

If you have a passenger in your cab the app will let him or her use your phone, just as long as you aren’t distracted while driving.


Nobody knows how expensive gasoline can be than truck drivers. The app provides up to date information about the cheapest gas prices near you so you’ll never pay more for gas than you need to. If you feel like it, you can also help your fellow drivers by reporting low prices at gas stations you visit along the way to your destination. As a little incentive, the company that designed the app, GasBuddy Organization Inc., gives drivers points and awards for posting gas prices on the application.

Trucker Tools

These days, it seems as if everyone wants information ASAP. The Trucker Tools app provides your employers with just that information. The application sends real time cargo tracking information back to anyone who requests it. As the driver, you’ll simply start the Load Track on the application when you begin your route and stop the Load Track once you reach your destination. It also gives you the ability to send status reports if you feel so inclined.

On your next trip, don’t get caught on the road without any of these great apps!

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