Add-Ons for Living Quarters Inside Semi Trucks: Info from a Truck Shop in Wytheville, VA

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The life of a trucker can be quite strenuous. They are often forced to spend long hours on the road for days at a time. Even though there are federal regulations in place regarding how long they can be on the road during a given trip, these hours quickly add up, especially over the course of a week.

In the past, truckers would have simply had to deal with it, pushing through their long hauls and sleeping in seedy motels or inside their own cramped cabins. But today, semis have plenty of add-ons available that can make life as a trucker much more comfortable—more so, in fact, than it’s ever been.

Here are just a few examples of the types of add-ons that are now available for trucker living quarters. Check out some of them at our truck shop in Wytheville, VA:

  • Beds and bedding: First and foremost, truckers need a place to sleep. Now there are plenty of options beyond just curling up in the passenger seat. There are all kinds of space-saving beds and bedding to make it easier for truckers to get a good, solid night’s sleep before they head back out in the morning for another long trek.
  • Showers and toilets: Some fancier rigs available today go the extra mile with comfort, and add in their own showers and toilets. This is especially attractive for truckers who go long distances in remote areas, especially out west, where the nearest motel or rest stop might not be for many miles. Rather than trying to push through their discomfort, they can pull over, relieve or refresh themselves, then get right back on the road.
  • Kitchen areas: Some rigs are also now outfitted with small kitchen spaces that include a sink, a small refrigerator and freezer, a small stove and microwave, and prep and storage areas. This can help truckers to eat healthier, even when they are constantly on the go. Truckers often struggle with their diets, as their lifestyle forces them to eat quickly or eat out, which means they are more likely to make poor food choices. Having the means to prepare and store their own food makes it possible for them to make healthy eating choices that will in turn keep them more alert, help them to get more sleep and keep them satisfied on the long road ahead.
  • Entertainment: Once drivers pull over for the night, they need something to keep them occupied before they get to sleep. Many rigs now include TVs, DVD players, Bluetooth speakers and more. So when you see a truck pulled over for the night at a rest stop, there’s a chance there’s a trucker inside continuing a binge of his favorite TV series before getting some shut-eye.

Big rigs are more luxurious than ever before, and that’s to help keep truckers satisfied in what can quickly become a stressful job. For more information about ways to improve your rig’s living area, contact Complete Truck Service, Inc., a truck shop in Wytheville, VA.

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